Heartworm Testing & Treatment

Heartworms have been found in all 50 states, but are most prevalent in the southern states of the United States, including Kentucky. Heartworms are transferred from an infected dog to a healthy dog through mosquitoes. Once your pet is bitten, the heartworm transfers through the bloodstream and lays its eggs. Treating heartworm disease is very costly and lengthy, requiring your animal to be confined nearly 3 months in order to keep their heart rates lowered.

Bell County Animal Clinic is prepared to treat your pet for possible heartworm disease by using the best testing kits available on the market. The test requires just a small amount of blood from your pet that is then tested for the presence of heartworm proteins.

The best treatment for heartworm disease is preventative treatment. Bell County Animal Clinic sells numerous preventative medicines that come in several forms such as: pills, injectables and tasty treats.